Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcoholics struggle with the idea of completely giving up alcohol, detoxing, and staying sober for life. It is a difficult prospect that requires a great willingness from the drinker to face his or her addiction. However, no alcoholic is alone in the journey of recovery. Maple Leaf Rehab Center offers a caring support system that guides alcoholics through a necessary alcohol detox, treating withdrawal effects, and building the foundation of a recovery program. With  help , any person suffering addiction to alcohol  can receive healing treatment for alcoholism and learn how to stay sober for life. The Effects of Alcohol

Once alcohol is in the system, it fosters a need for more drinking. Withdrawal symptoms erupt, and alcoholics find themselves in need of a drink to ease the pain and cravings. The dependency of alcohol causes drinkers to lose control and drink in excess. One drink is never enough. As long as alcohol remains in the body, drinkers continue to rely on the substance, both physically and emotionally.


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Alcohol becomes an emotional struggle with alcoholics. Some become so attached to alcohol that it ruins their relationships, families, jobs, and self-improvement. Many alcoholics cannot stop thinking about the need for a drink. It becomes an emotional dependency and an unhealthy resource for coping with real life problems and inward traumas.  Alcoholics cannot grow emotionally and handle their issues while drinking.


enter Alcohol Detox

An alcohol detox process is necessary to begin recovery. For many alcoholics, detox can be painful and cause severe withdrawal effects.  Maple Leaf Rehab Center utilizes 24-hour monitoring to ensure that each client is cared for during this critical time. With proper nutrition, exercise, massage therapy, and acupuncture, clients at  Maple Leaf Rehab Center receive a natural solution to the detox process that cleanses the body and builds towards a healthy lifestyle. Once clients have successfully gone through detox, they meet with counselors one-on-one and take part in group counseling sessions that build on their recovery.

Focusing on Replacement

Maple Leaf Rehab Center focuses on replacing substance abuse with good health, moral behavior, responsibility, creativity, and spirituality. Elective options govern everything from relationships and parenting to motivation and organizing for success. Clients can enjoy music, art, martial arts, and yoga. There are professional groups that teach resume writing, financial planning, problem-solving, and creative thinking. All of these skills combine with relapse prevention, transitional living, and recovery programs to help clients replace alcoholism with a new way of life.


Aftercare and Staying Sober

Aftercare is a fundamental component to recovery. Clients at  Maple Leaf Rehab Center work with counselors to develop a plan for handling relapse signs, symptoms, and alcohol cravings. Recovering alcoholics build necessary skills during their recovery in a safe and supportive environment. Transitioning back to everyday life can be difficult.  Clients can give their full focus to recovery in rehabilitation, however, once they graduate they have to continue their recovery work in addition to the stresses of family relationships and jobs.   We are  available to help clients after treatment. Clients should continue counseling and seek out local support groups, as well as check in during the transition.


Alcoholics make the journey from being unable to control their drinking to learning how to stay sober and healthy. It is a process that requires willingness, supportive care, and an open mind. While detox can be an intimidating prospect for alcoholics, the life that comes afterward is unmatched. Any alcoholic can find serenity and peace in their lives through treatment and recovery.

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